Thursday, 31 October 2013

This is an image of the proposed remodelling of our church, complete with a new spire, new stained glass window and new glazed entrance... but it is inside where where the real changes start. We are opening up the front of the church with a big sliding glazed screen to link the sanctuary with the cafe in the front, replacing the pews with chairs to give maximum flexibility for your community activities and creating a gallery for meetings and contemplation.

We have planning permission for this ambitious vision and now need to raise £580,000 by 2017 to realise it. 

View of the cafe with the glazed screen into the flexible sanctuary area.
The image on the right shows the present layout of the sanctuary with pews and the rear partition...
... how much better will it look with the glazed screen, the new stained glass window, now visible from the sanctuary, the flexible space with chairs and the first floor gallery?

The view from Bushy Park showing the glazed entrance, new stained glass window and the spire

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  1. This looks really exciting! The plan is that this lovely venue will be open for everyone to use as they see fit. Groups and individuals on a regular or casual basis will be welcome. Ideally in additional all the expected amenities there will be opportunities to meet friends, chat, even go on line. We are seeking support and advice on what members of our local community would seek in A Place to Go! The process has begun so come in and see one Saturday or Sunday morning and enjoy the hospitality.